Welcome to Kizomba Evolution

Kizomba Evolution is the 1st Urban Kiz dance school that started teaching Urban Kiz dance classes in the Netherlands.

Kizomba Evolution was founded in 2015 by 
Donnovan when he decided to start teaching Urban Kiz dance classes for all levels.

His goals is to teach his students how to have fun while giving them the techniques and skills to dance Kizomba or Urban Kiz.
Hè also want to expand and help to attract more dancers who would like to learn and love this dance.

Trough out the years the teachers at Kizomba Evolution have specialized themselves in Urban Kiz techniques and the Urban Kiz foundation.
Kizomba Evolution has its own style which is described as creative, innovative, dynamic and fun.

During the classes the teachers try to convey their passion and creativity for Kizomba Urban Kiz (the game of leading and following with an unmistakable connection between partners and the playfulness with the music) to their students.


How the name Kizomba Evolution came about.
Over the years, Kizomba has had a huge transformation, resulting in the development of a whole new genre called URBAN-KIZ.
Not only the dance style but also the dancers, teachers and the music have contributed to this evolution. Many dancers and teachers have developed their own unique style and way of dancing and teaching .
All these changes and transformations have contributed to the emergence of this new dance style and therefore the name Kizomba Evolution.
Because evolution is a part of life and dance is a way of life teachers at Kizomba Evolution constantly improve their technics, skills and style to keep moving forward.
And because our teachers know the best way to becoming a much better dancer starts at the bottom, teaching their students the right way of dancing in the beginning will make sure they have much more fun dancing when they get to an higher level or when dancing with an much better dance partner.



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– 19:15 – 20:15 hrs: Intermediate
– 20:15 – 21:15 hrs: Improvers
– 21:15 -23:00 hrs: Social Practice

– 20:00 -21:00 hrs: Beginners 1
– 21:00 – 22:00 hrs: Improvers
– 22:00 – 23:00 hrs: Practice



For those taking classes at Kizomba Evolution and pay for one cycle (4 weeks) are allowed to join other classes with the same level or lower for Free, just to improve their dance, techniques and skills.